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Elder Letters Creative Communications

Giving the Elderly a Voice

Personal Communication

The art of a beautifully handwritten letter is a thing of the past, if you ask most people today.  Social media and the continuing distancing of us humans from each other, makes a heartfelt letter a “dinosaur” in the modern world. 


There is a generation, however, to which a handwritten letter is a sign of love, of remembrance, of connection and the writing and receiving of this kind of communication device reigns supreme. 


Following a conversation, recorded if necessary, a warm, meaningful letter will be crafted to be shared with those intended to receive it.  Whether to share advice, a memory or just a hello to someone thought of and missed, I will work on your behalf, to ensure pride in the result and excitement to see it sent to those who need or would like to read it.

Personal communication - a lost art - now gives voice to our aging population.

Create Your Own Obituary

If you would like to creatively Craft Your Obituary so Everything Gets Said, we are ready to assist. 


How we want the world to remember us when we’re gone is a common concern and leaving the future task to those who love us can sometimes mean it is “their” image of us that gets portrayed. 


I will help you craft your personal story, creatively using your own words and ideas, so those left behind have something of you to cherish forever, something that speaks of the person you are, have been and preserves how you will be memorialized.

Tell your story your way with our help!

Memorialize Family Stories

When a family story deserves to be creatively preserved for future generations, we can help.  If for no other reason, I will sit with a loved one - in person when possible - to listen, learn, love and respond in a way that keeps them inspired knowing their lives, their thoughts, matter - to me, to those they love and who love them - and to those to whom they wish to reach out. 

The story memories of life are the gift of our experiences.  Preserving them in creative form offers others a chance to live our memory with us, to remind them of a memory forgotten or to relate a story long held back in order to release it and heal.

Give your life's stories a voice!

The Mission

Elder Letter Creative Communications is a quest to let aging voices be heard.  Through personal contact, conversation, and creativity, our elderly now have the opportunity to speak.  Whether a letter to someone they love, a family story deserving of preservation, a personalized obituary or other creatively written pursuit - advice, historical, personal - I am a writer looking to assist those who may want, or need, to say something to someone and I would love to help do it in written form.  


For those who spend their hours alone, or with little social interaction with family or outsiders, thoughts, feelings and intentions become passing waves of possible regret as the tools are no longer easily applied to the written form of sharing. I’ll ensure you or your loved one’s voice is heard through a beautiful missive, heartfully created. 


Our hope - our goal - is to give a voice to those who have something to say. Whether a sweet note to say “hello”, a chronicle of life events, a devotion to someone or something, the sharing of life’s journey and meaning to those coming up behind, a well-crafted memorial is a personal way to make thoughts known.  

Most importantly, as our aging population faces the last days of their lives, their thoughts, their wisdom, their remembering is the foundation of all our lives today. The world needs their parting thoughts, their tested principles, their devotions to life and love and giving them a voice is our passion!



"Writing my obituary now, before my family is dealing with my passing gives me comfort to have this task complete and my story told."

Retired Educator


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